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total crush: 10703


Why this Game

We are here to set a new record: to crush all the World Records Eggs!

They are 0 eggs and counting since every time the original and famous post on Instagram gets a new like the hen makes another egg.

So, there are a lot to crush :)

Do your best and share with friends!


How to Play

Press the "crush" button or tap the hammer and crush as many eggs as you can. You will be part of the record!

If you want to compete in the points classification then remember that some eggs will not crush at the first blow: they need a few more shots (from one to four).

You can skip all the eggs you want if you think they are bad eggs. But if you do not crush an egg and just crack it then your game ends there. Instead, that cracked egg remains in the game.

Therefore all the eggs already cracked are risky bets and are worth more points (from two to five) for those who manage to crush them.

Good luck!

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